Marple Madness: Introduction

Agatha Christie has been in my mind for twenty-one years now since my school teacher gave me a copy of Death on the Nile. A new world was presented to nine-years-old Matt, who decided he was going to write stories like that for a living someday.

I’m a dedicated fan!

In the past few years, we’ve had reinventions of Agatha Christie’s stories, with two versions of Poirot played by John Malkovich and Kenneth Branagh. Both these versions have their merits, but they were too obsessed with being different from the originals and forgot what made Poirot such a fascinating character.

We haven’t had a reinvention of Miss Marple for some time now, and maybe we should keep it that way. There were rumors of a reboot that would feature a badass young Jane Marple, played by Jennifer Garner of all people. Thankfully that never happened, but you should never say never.

Marple Madness is a project I’ve created for my blog. I realized that, although I’ve read almost all of Miss Marple’s books, I’m not that familiar with most adaptations. So, to correct that, I’m going to make weekly posts reviewing all of Miss Marple’s incarnations, starting with the Margaret Rutherford movies all the way to the most recent TV series.

While it’s my goal to analyze every feature-length film, I can’t promise to review every single episode of every Miss Marple series. I will, however, review at least a handful of episodes of each of those. Depending on the success of this enterprise, I might go the extra mile and review the radio adaptations.

Let’s have some fun!

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