Introduction to Memoir

Let’s start by answering the first and most important question: what is a memoir? To put it in simple words, a memoir is a book or an essay that tells a real-life story in an interesting and compelling way. Its main goal isn’t to share historical information, but rather to put the reader on the author’s shoes and make them feel what the author felt.

I have a master's in Biography at the University of Buckingham and a fascination for life writing. My goal is to pass my knowledge forward and help people from all over the world to write their own memoirs. If you want to share your life experience with readers through a good piece of literature, this workshop is for you!

The Introduction to Memoir program is comprised of eight classes, with theoretical material and writing assignments. Remember: a memoir is a piece of literature, and literature is subjective. There are no rules on how to do literature right, but there are principles. And since memoir is all about real-life events, you should observe these principles while crafting your story.

It’s time to start our journey!

Matt Ferraz

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